Introducing WamiSwag

There’s been a bit of a drought in new t-shirt design competition sites over the last few years, so it’s nice to see a new company take on the format. WamiSwag might be new, but with an easy to understand system and voting scheme, many artists are already lining up to participate in their contests.

Contests at WamiSwag are themed, with the current tournament theme listed as Words to Live By. Artists can enter up to 5 designs per tournament, and the winner is chosen by voters.

Voting at WamiSwag uses a unique format, with designs being shown one after the other, one at a time. Voters can choose whether to Like, make a purchase (via the FOMO button, which counts as 3 Likes), or simply pass and move on to the next design.

Winners of each tournament are determined purely by votes. Each tournament boasts a listed prize (for the current Words to Live By contest the prize is $300) and each design sold earns the artist 20%.

Learn more at WamiSwag.

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