Pampling’s Bottles collection

Pampling has a great talent for adding unique new product types, and I think they’re on to another winner with their new collection of stainless steel reusable bottles. While a lot of items in this product type stick to solid colors and minimal graphics, Pampling has taken the opportunity to tailor these pieces specifically to the pop culture savvy nerd, with busy, colorful patterns featuring geek-friendly characters and motifs. Here’s a look at two of my favorites…

Starry by ddjvigo uses a repeating pattern of swirling lines, inspired by the masterpiece Starry Night. I like that in this context, the motion of the art feels like a reference to flowing water in addition to the night sky.

Fantasy by Naolito packs in villains and heroes from games, movies, and comics, all drawn in a colorful, exciting style that lets the personality of each character shine through.

Check out the whole bottles collection at Pampling.

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