Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Nostalgia collection

The good old days came back with a vengeance in Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Nostalgia plus sale. TV and movies, gaming and music, and even technology itself got a fresh look in this group of tees. Here’s what caught my eye this week…

Best of the Bunch: Spiritgreen’s A Mogwai Isn’t Just for Christmas uses stripes and pixels to make gremlins into a holiday sweater.

Nicest Surprise: Super Saturday Morning by Jrberger combines two childhood weekend favorites, cartoons and games.

Shirt I Am Most Biased About: My design Tug of War Game imagines Squid Game in the style of a vintage Atari cartridge.

This promotion will only last until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday. So if there’s something you like, grab it fast!

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