Shirt.Woot’s Great Holiday Gear

Shirt.Woot’s Great Holiday Gear plus sale is packed with Santa-style large gift sacks, aprons for holiday baking, and tea towels fit to clean up any winter mess. Here’s a look at my pick for the most appealing design in each of those product categories…

Best Large Gift Sack: Controller Jumble by DoodleToots might offer a festive alternative for gaming gifters who don’t relish the idea of wrapping unwieldy game systems and awkwardly shaped accessories. Just pop it all in the bag!

Best Apron: Vintage Ornament Jumble by geekfactor12 keeps things in the holiday spirit with classic Christmas colors and retro ornaments that might remind you of some of the vintage treasures on your own tree.

Best Tea Towel: Holiday Cookies by geekfactor12 uses a sweater-style stitch look to illustrate an assortment of Christmas cookies. May as well clean up your messy cookie baking with a bunch of cookie graphics!

This sale only lasts a week, so get your order in before December 12th at 12am CT.

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