Shirt.Woot’s New Christmas Decorations

Shirt.Woot has something special in store for Christmas this year- a huge variety of unique rugs, gift sacks, aprons and even table runners to make this holiday feel extra festive.

Patterns were big for this New Christmas Decorations plus sale, and artists were inspired by nature, seasonal decorations, and even pop culture. Whether your tastes run towards traditional Christmas cheer or a more humorous, modern take on the holiday season, Woot artists have got you covered!

Here’s a look at some of the stand-out items in each product category…

3ft x 2ft Rugs
A welcome mat perfect for wiping your snow-covered boots

Snow-Speckled Forest by geekfactor12 creates a winter landscape out of expressively painted trees, each carrying a different amount of frost in their branches.

Woodland Christmas by burnapaperzach uses precisely drawn foliage to capture the mood of the season, with pine needles and pinecones contributing to the forest-y feel.

Large Gift Sacks
This is what Santa would carry his gifts in if he had a nerdy sense of humor

Elf Iconography by burnapaperzach collects favorite moments from the movie Elf, each captured in an appealingly minimal cartoon style.

May the Force Be With Yule by geekfactor12 uses a sweater style to combine elements of Star Wars with classic symbols of Christmas.

Let’s face it, everyone makes a mess when they bake Christmas cookies

A Very Sweet Christmas by iamlaureen impresses with the sheer number of holiday treats it manages to pack into this frantic, but flavor-filled design.

Super Cute Xmas Stuff by perdita00 makes everything Christmas-y become absolutely adorable, in true kawaii style with big, bright eyes and charming grins.

Table Runners
Because dining tables look even better with a festive stripe

Vintage Ornament Jumble by geekfactor12 dresses up doodled line drawings of old-fashioned ornaments with retro watercolor washes.

Colorful Christmas Trees by geekfactor12 uses watercolor gradients to show the mood of the season, with soft greens transitioning to cold, frosty blues.

Like what you see? Get your order in fast, because the sale ends on Wednesday at midnight!

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