Shirt.Woot’s Prime Appreciation Week 2021

Prime Appreciation Week is in full swing at Shirt.Woot, offering special products, discounts and promotions for Amazon Prime Members. Here’s a look at some of the highlights currently available…

Prime Exclusive: Buy One Shirt, Get 20% OFF. Buy 2 or More and Get 40% OFF. (Sale ends 3/9)

Shirts are Shirt.Woot’s bread and butter, so the biggest deal to watch during Prime Appreciation Week is this discount on buying apparel. Just to make sure there’s a tempting design for all tastes, Shirt.Woot is also offering a bunch of themed sales full of worthy tees vying for consumer attention. Here’s my pick within each of the highlighted plus sales:

2021 Woot Awards

For my money, you can’t go wrong with the 2021 Design of the Year winner, Like Magic, But Real Navy Remix by BooA. It’s a great nerdy sentiment expressed with a fun, vintage-looking sporty style.

Derby Editor’s Choice: Band Tees

Band Wars by Simic transforms a bunch of recognizable classic rock logos into Star Wars-themed band names, all packed together in a shirt commemorating an epic tour in a galaxy far, far away. Some designs, including this one, are even available on metal posters!

Pi Day Shirts

March 14th is celebrated as Pi Day because of its numerical notation, and it’s a holiday gleefully celebrated by both math nerds and pie aficionados alike. Show off your allegiance with a Player Pi shirt.

Shirt Staff Picks

A collection of some tee designs especially esteemed by Woot staff, there’s a lot to like in this group. But in my opinion, the Alcohol is a Solution Remix by Luke Stiner is hard to beat for its creatively antique type style and near-universality of its concept, which should appeal to any scientifically-minded drinker.

And shirts aren’t the only thing on offer this week…

The new product category of Travel Tumblers debuted at Woot this week, offering nerdish designs on travel coffee mugs, flasks, and even wine tumblers. Can’t go wrong with a Mando Moonshine flask!

The ever-popular (but recently MIA) journal product category also made its triumphant return. There are a lot of fun choices, from designs that look like comic books to cartoon-y jokes and even artistic illustrations, but I’m most drawn to the the cozy charms of the Reading is my Sport journal.

Woot’s Prime Appreciation Week ends on 3/12- check out to see all of the sales on offer.

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