Threadless: Kds Play

The Threadless catalog isn’t showing any new designs this week, so instead I’ll be highlighting a favorite design from recently added Artist Shops pieces.

kds play by mathiole is a really appealing collage piece, combining a vintage photograph of a city and highways from above with a vibrantly colored graphic of three children at play. The heightened colors make the kids stand out immediately, and their thoughtful poses give the impression of this whole landscape being created out of their imaginations as they move their toy cars. It’s a real ode to old-fashioned, hands-on play that should hold appeal to anyone who had similar daydreams in childhood. Who wouldn’t want to have a whole transportation system in the palms of their hands?

Threadless Artist Shops are free to create, and allow artists to set their own prices on products ranging from apparel to accessories and even home decor.

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