Threadless: Ladies Marching and more new this week

Ladies Marching by JLALCANTARA is my favorite Threadless print this week. I’m a sucker for a good all-over print, and for me this illustration delivers that in a big way. The colors are smartly chosen, almost a primary color palette that’s been tweaked to include neon and pastel variants. It’s an interesting choice from a diversity standpoint as well, because since few of the skin tones in this design exist in nature, the art creates a scene that feels inclusive of all cultures. This is also helped along by the hairstyles chosen, which reflect a lot of types of hair and traditions. Another choice I like is that when the pattern repeats horizontally, the artist shifts the colors of the characters- it’s a good way to make the design feel even more unique and expansive. Maybe some color shifts on the vertical repeat could have enhanced this even further?

I Don’t Give a Duck by balooie has some fun with a classic pun (and one that technology has made a lot more relatable). I like that this design doesn’t stop at the pun and takes the joke a big step further by transforming the duck into a raised middle finger. A convenient shadow helps to make the pinkie finger feel more like a wing, while the thumb completes the look on the other side. It’s an effective piece, especially since the duck looks so genuinely angry, but I question the black dot at the tip of the duck’s beak. It might be accurate to the animal, but looks like a weird mustache at a glance and that harms the clarity of the humor.

Canned Brains by GoToUp takes on a familiar concept, canned food for zombies, but adds a new twist by embedding a detached finger on the can’s metal pull tab. It’s a great gag because it gets at the essence of the monster- threatening, but ultimately kind of falling apart. It’s additionally a brainless thing to have happen, which suits the theme. The can’s shadows and highlights are surprisingly detailed and convey metal well, while the label’s “with juice” headline adds an extra laugh. The one quibble I have with the art is in how the finger is handled- I think the bone and nail look too similar, and that adding some yellow or light green tones to the nail would make it read a little more nicely.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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