Threadless: Paranoia Rules and more new this week

Paranoia Rules by diegorgurgel is my favorite Threadless print this week. The expressiveness of its marks is what really grabs me, the chaotic coil of swirls and how well they form a cloud. It’s a good match for the whirling of a manic mind state that isn’t being contained, wild and roaming but always circling back to the same obsessive spot. The character’s wide-open eyes and thick pupils give him the feeling of madness, a good fit for the theme. It embraces the thrill and fun of thinking in unhealthy ways.

Boop by TeoZ reframes the Titanic disaster as a playful interaction with a cartoon iceberg jovially booping the nose of an oncoming ship. A lot of the humor in this is that this is basically what the ship’s captain expected to happen- that the small-looking berg couldn’t so much as dent the large, powerful frame of the boat and any collision would be lightly brushed off. The major dissonance between that delusion and the dramatic reality is funny, especially in the way the drawing gives the faces such a silly, innocent joy.

Yes Regrets by thecoolorange makes excellent use of an alligator, twisting the animal into a vertical stack that shows its physical power, emphasizes the jaws, and shows off a long tail. Nestled as it is between lines of type above and below, the 3-D effect of the lettering and the creature’s pose make it seem like he’s bound to burst right off the fabric and do so with great speed. A pair of lightning bolts imply the snap of his jaw. It’s a frightening scene, and definitely a scenario one would have regrets about encountering. That said, I have a couple of minor quibbles with the drawing. I wish there was more space between the back leg and the jaw, because their connection makes the enclosed section of background stand out more than the alligator’s eye just below it. Another minor gripe is with the bit of brush to the left of the gator’s front leg, inside the jaw- it looks a lot like a butterfly and is a needless distraction from the animal’s mouth. That said, still an excellent design!

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners earn $1 to $7 per item sold.

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