Threadless: Soundscape and more new this week

Soundscape by ThePaperCrane uses the framing of sheet music to contain a beautiful line drawing of rows of landscapes. It’s a smart arrangement, and I love seeing the straight rows transform into rolling hills, fluffy clouds, and even man-made marvels. With each stripe showing a different type of view, there’s a lot for the viewer to take in and most people’s ideal landscape is likely to be in the mix. Some of the design’s cleverest moments are when it takes liberties with the sheet music framing and extends elements outside the rows, like birds and hot air balloons poking above the stripes or rain and smoke cutting through the art vertically. Sophisticated and original.

12 Color Mountains by kooky love imagines sharpened colored pencils as a mountain range. It’s a smart mix because the color of the sharpened point feels so much like a snowy peak, and even jagged border between sharp and unsharpened pencil are reminiscent of the base of a mountain being blocked by tree lines. I love the choice to end the art in a curve on the bottom, which is true to the circular opening of a box of pencils. Even the sun’s color seems well thought out- is that Crayola yellow?

Wild Bear by tobefonseca creates an illusion where the mountain is also a (slightly grumpy) bear. It’s a fun concept, made more so by the attention to detail. I love that this bear/mountain has not just a cottage at its peak, but also a nice road spiraling down the incline. It gives the impression of a bear who has hibernated a little too long and a little too deeply, just now waking up to find out someone lives on his back. The cheerful lumberjack adds to the humor, leaving the viewer to wonder what transpires when the bear turns his head and notices him.

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