Threadless’s Ramen Takeout

Ramen Takeout by ThePaperCrane uses minimalism to its full advantage in a pared down, conceptual piece. I love the balance of the arranged elements, with the UFO at the top balanced out by a heavy bowl at the bottom. The UFO’s white beam directs the eye to the top, as does the curve of the framing device. Meanwhile, the bottom is finished off with another interesting bit of design, a subtle pair of chopsticks and some writing that help to anchor the piece. I like that the concept works in a few different ways- the vision of slurping noodles as being like the beam of a UFO, the mystery of encountering an unidentified ingredient in an unfamiliar dish, and even just the idea that ramen is so good, aliens would cross the universe for it. There’s a lot to chew on, both visually and intellectually.

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