Uniqlo’s UTGP2020 winners

Uniqlo’s UTGP 2020 felt different than previous years because instead of partnering with a commercial brand (like Marvel or Nintendo in past years), they connected with MoMa. The result is a decidedly more artistic batch of winners, and for me the best of the bunch was the second place choice.

Feline Flowers by Amandine Leforestier is a very clever bit of patterning. The artist’s statement shows how these shapes arose by combining elements of floral shapes and leopard spots, but I think the slightly streetwear color palette and scale of the print also helps it to feel influenced by camouflage. I love the way the artwork channels both nature and abstract art, a piece that stands out in a big way from other contest selections.

Check out all the winners at Uniqlo. The collection will be available mid-morning ET on February 26th, 2021.