WAMI Swag’s 20s Ghostface

20s Ghostface by illustrandy combines the modern horror icon from the Scream series with the retro cartoon look of the “That’s all, folks” ending graphic, and it’s an appealing mix. Part of the fun is that, as horror goes, Scream has more nods to humor than the average scary movie, so a cartoon doesn’t feel entirely out of place. There’s a kind of dangerous mayhem in many classic cartoons, and one could easily imagine this killer indulging in some falling piano finishing moves. But it’s also funny because of the difference in phone type between the two eras- while a modern villain might torment their prey via a handheld or cell phone, there’s humor in imagining that an old-timey killer might have to resort to a party line or having the operator direct their call. The bloody take on the cartoon’s circular background is a great touch as well.

Winners at WAMI Swag will earn a cash prize (amount varies based on contest entered). Any designs sold on WAMI Swag also earn the artist 20% of each sale.

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