WAMI Swag’s Hanburger & Ketchewie

Hanburger & Ketchewie by Arinesart won WAMI Swag’s We Hungry contest, combining some classic fast food with everyone’s favorite Star Wars duo. The punning is strong, and while Han is looking a lot rounder than I might have expected, it’s great to see the wookiee’s looming stature reflected in the tall ketchup bottle. The likenesses definitely lean more towards their fast food halves, and out of context I don’t think the Han burger would be recognizable as a Star Wars reference. But it’s still a combination that works here, in large part because the burger box Millennium Falcon does such a good job of grounding the scene and giving supporting information. It takes all three portions together to complete the joke, but all taken together it’s a nice, appealing package.

Winners at WAMI Swag will earn a cash prize (amount varies based on contest entered). Any designs sold on WAMI Swag also earn the artist 20% of each sale.

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